Maximilian Hawlata-Ostermann joins “Hurricane of Change” as new guitarist

October 2015 turned out to become a significant month in the development of the band. On October 11th “Hurricane of Change” finished the recordings of their first record. On that exact same day a new member joined the band: Maximilian  Hawlata-Ostermann (Maxi). He had returned from the U.S. after a year abroad where he played lead guitar for the band “The 5 Step Process” in Rabun County, Georgia. He had known the lead singer David Mörsch for quite some time and they already had the idea of starting a side project together. Since two members of the band had departed Maxi was contacted and asked whether he wanted to join “Hurricane of Change”. A week from that Email they had their first rehearsal together. The rest is history…

Maxi started playing acoustic guitar at the age of 13 and through that has developed a passion for metal/rock music. The main influence on his music is the guitarist Mark Tremonti from Creed, Alter Bridge and Tremonti. He had the chance to learn from the man himself and now contributes to the writing-process of the band.